Desna Soccer Club was started in 1999 by group of friends and athletes who had an idea to introduce soccer to kids and teens in Federal Way and to show an alternative lifestyles to drugs and other unhealthy behaviors.

Desna - is a name that came after the river in Eastern Europe that runs through different countries and regions. This river unites people who live in different regions, and they call this river shores-their home. This is the idea behind the name of Desna Soccer Club - to unite people of different backgrounds, different ages, different nations under one idea of love for the sports, passion for people, respect for coaches, team unity, healthy lifestyle.

Desna Soccer Club is happy to introduce soccer to young kids. In our club we have different age group teams starting from 6 years old to 15. During soccer practices all players learn to play the game, become part of the team, learn different responsibilities and feel what it feels like to be a winner. The big goal is not to raise new Messi or Ronaldo, which will be nice, but to introduce good, healthy and a well rounded life to players.