What is Desna Cup? It is an annual event that is hosted by Desna Soccer Club. This year we are celebrating our 6th annual Desna Cup. It is a great event that includes sport activities, cultural program, kids inflatable, food and a lot of fun for the whole family. Soccer and volleyball tournaments, tug of war, arm-wrestling and weight lifting competition.

New this year: country exhibit “It’s a Wonderful World”.
The exhibit offers local communities a unique opportunity to learn first-hand about the culture, history, and traditions of countries that used to be home to many immigrants who now reside in the Greater Seattle area.

The exhibit will be part of an annual soccer tournament and cultural festival Desna Cup.  In 2012, 8 teams from Washington, Idaho, Oregon, and Canada participated in the tournament, with over 3,000 people in attendance.

To participate in the exhibit, a team of volunteers would set up a booth to showcase art, costumes, photographs and videos from their old home. 
The team may choose to show crafts, souvenirs, and ethnic foods – anything that represents their country.
The team will have an opportunity to showcase an ethnic dance and an ethnic song. 
An independent judge panel will evaluate each booth, dance, and song, and award grand prizes - $1,000 for the best booth, $500 for the best dance, and $500 for the best song.
The exhibit will take place on August 16-17, 2013, Saghalie Middle School, Federal Way, WA.
Application due date July 31, 2013.

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